The day I learned to walk

Walking, a feeling I have lost across ages. Oh... I do not want to talk about hours I spent when I was a teenager, a book of Verlaine and Rimbaud in hand, in the countryside, on the edge of autumn, nor forced weekend family outings, that everyone more or less endured in his own life.
No, walking for walking, everyday changing your own map, for the fun of it, to say hello to those whom you meet, engaging conversation with distant neighbors of all kinds, in fact enjoying the same pleasure as hunting : just to stop and listen, giving advice too, a privileged moment, face to face.
It is of course quite silly to waste these moments with a mobile phone or wearing headphones, taking the time instead to hear and see some nature in your rural or suburban area.
Walking is one of the main points of civilization, one of them holds into provoking a disinterested effort to focus daily or discussing for the sake of words which have, at last, recovered their meaning, one step after another.
There are thousand of reasons to walk, for instance, it strengthens your own differences, your idiosyncrasies : finding your walking style is just like finding your own voice.
At the end, one day, three or five people will honk to greet you : you have then gained a little more respect for yourself... only expense incurred? a good pair of shoes ...